As we enter 2018, summer trips will be on us Brit’s before we know it!

Jet off this summer with Phizz, a must-have item to pack on your travels. Phizz keeps you hydrated, healthy and vitalised on long flights and during your stay. An effervescent tablet like no other, Phizz is the ultimate travel companion.

The toll travel takes on your body begins with the flight itself. Plane cabins have an average humidity of 10-15%, when the Sahara Desert averages 25% it’s little wonder passengers often arrive flagging. Research shows a mere 1% water loss has significant effects on performance and health, now consider a 10 hour flight can cause men to lose 2 litres and women 1.6 litres of water.

Upon arrival, summer holidays are synonymous with hot weather, exploring, foreign delicacies and parties. Phizz packs your glass with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a powerful hydration mixture – helping you survive anything the trip throws at you. The small but mighty tablet boosts your immune system, improves water absorption and battles fatigue.

Phizz co-founder Daniel Cray says, “Phizz offers a range of wellness benefits you won’t get from other individual products. Travel is one of life’s great gifts; Phizz ensures you make the most of it! Our lab built upon hydration principles set by the WHO, and combined these with a comprehensive vitamin and mineral complex. The number of high calibre clients across travel and sports is a testament to our formulation and brand.”

2 years since launch, Phizz has sold over 1 million tubes worldwide. The brand supplies Premier League Football clubs, airlines, private jet (charters) and 5 star hotels.

In the UK, pick up a tube of 10 tablets for RRP £4.99 or 20 tablets for RRP £7.99 from Amazon or Ocado.

Phizz is also available to ship worldwide via and is an amenity item onboard Emirates flights (First Class). Phizz supplies & partners with many professional sports sides – a complete list is found overleaf.

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