MMR Pulse – a unique syndicated research programme for the food and drink industry – bolsters four year consumer data bank with a 50 percent increase in the frequency of research; a one-off, free booklet on recent research findings is available.

MMR Research Worldwide (MMR) – the food and drink specialist research agency – is re-launching its unique, continuous, Pulse syndicated research programme. The service, which transfers data into meaningful expert insight through regular surveys, an online community forum and qualitative research that allows food companies to add bespoke questions each time offers subscribers new levels of customisation, a 50% increase in frequency, and functionality improvements to its 800-strong membership online community forum.

Companies now have the opportunity to survey 1,000 UK shoppers bi-monthly (was previously quarterly), adding their own questions each time, to help optimise business strategy. Two workshops per year also play an essential role in translating data into insight.

MMR Pulse is a mix of regular quantitative and qualitative research and a 24/7 online forum visited by a panel of people constantly voicing opinions about the key issues in UK food and drink consumption. UK food and drinks manufacturers subscribe to the programme – now in its fourth year – where it is valued for providing timely, succinct, intelligent and meaningful information in a form that can be fed directly into client strategy, brand and budget planning. Pulse tracks the key trends such as shopping habits, attitudes to promotion and value, health and ethical product claims and cooking and eating habits.

“Our subscribers tell us that MMR Pulse is different from other types of research because it is not a typical, off the shelf‟ research tool. Clients are continuously and actively engaged in it, and are able to use the results immediately without additional layers of in-house analysis,” says Susan Morse, Director of MMR Pulse. “Our latest improvements will allow food and drink manufacturers to acquire up-to-the-minute context for existing insights focusing on specific issues and conducting rapid research on issues that do not warrant a full-scale ad hoc project – quickly and cost-effectively. There are more opportunities to include specific questions relevant to their own objectives, by target audience, in both qualitative and quantitative research components.”


“Fingers on the Pulse” – top facts

• MMR’s Pulse community site has attracted over 800 members since July 2007. 

• The MMR Pulse community site has had over 4,000 discussion threads posted. Its most active contributor is MadKat who has posted over 8,300 times. 

• The MMR Pulse team has talked to over 17,000 people over four years to get the best quantitative and qualitative results.

• Each online survey involves the review of more than 300,000 pieces of data. 

• Pulse‟s online focus groups have covered almost 100 topics since launch.


Booklet offer

To mark the re-launch, MMR is offering readers a free booklet containing a sample of recent Pulse findings on some of the sector’s hot consumer topics.

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