A mega hit over in the States, Slim Chickens boasts that their food is life changing, set on making its mark and bringing some of that Southern fried goodness to London. A powerful statement indeed, this particular place knocks up crispy, devilish delightful fried chicken and is definitely up there with some of the best I’ve eaten.
Slim Chickens is essentially a fast food joint but its fast food done particularly well. The service really is top drawer with orders coming straight to your table in no time at all and with the music focusing on catchy blues and rock’n’roll with sweet guitar solos thrown into the mix, this place injects some cool, casual vibe to the scene.

The menu is justifiably mouth watering from boneless tenders, grilled chicken burgers, finger lickin’ wings, to even salads – but even they are a bit naughty with croutons, cheese and fried onions to liven it up a little.
The burgers are indeed a good size – not too messy, they are compact and the chicken fits nicely in between the two toasted buns. With honey BBQ and hot buffalo as well as the humble veggie burger on offer, the staff claim that the Cayenne Ranch is the house favourite with plump, crisp chicken breast sandwiched with a liberal helping of ranch dressing, lettuce, sweet pickles and crispy fried onions. This number will get devoured within minutes upon arrival.
The wings on the other hand are drenched in a rich hot sauce (Franks obviously) and for extra indulgence there’s a variety of sauces to choose from – honey mustard, Korean BBQ, mango habanero amongst others – but for me, blue cheese is a no brainer. There’s no avoiding getting a little messy whilst eating these sumptuous wings, but, yes it is perfectly acceptable to lick the Franks hot sauce off your fingers. Don’t let it go to waste!
If calories isn’t your thing and happiness is, give the chicken tenders a go – seasoned with a Cajun twist, they are lightly breaded and cooked until its golden and crisp, but better yet they’re still juicy on the inside. Again dip those bad boys in a sauce of your choice (keep sending that blue cheese over for me please!). Finally, I recommend the crispy onions – thinly sliced and shredded into bitesize mouthfuls, they really are a moreish snack and once you start having a few mouthfuls, they will disappear before anyone can have any themselves.

Cayenne Ranch Sandwich

Buffalo Wings

Chicken Tenders

Slim Chickens is awesome, there’s no denying that, with their menu conjuring up tantalising and simple bad-ass food. Thank God Trump did not block Slim’s from reaching our shores because with chicken this good, it’s going to be the go to place for fast and furious food.


35 James Street, Marylebone, London W1U 1EA

020 7486 1511
Open 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM


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