Welsh liquid milk processor Tomlinson’s Dairies has made a multimillion £ investment following a listing in a supermarket giant in the UK. As part of the investment, Ektam has been chosen to manufacture two new fully automated milk filling lines capable of filling 68,000 litres of milk per hour.

Each one of the two new lines is expected to fill six different bottle formats from 189ml up to six-pint bottles.

Philip Tomlinson, co-founder of Tomlinson Dairies, says, “We visited Ektam at its production plant and were very impressed with the quality, manufacturing, level of engineering and experience in turnkey filling lines.

Ektam line is fed from the blow moulding facility through an Ektam elevator/twister unit with auto conveyor adjustment for instant bottle format change over than fed through to Ektam’s “Megaroll” opp wraparound labelling machine.

The bottles accumulate on Ektam’s space saving tandem accumulation conveyor systems before entering the “flowmatic” filling and capping clean room machine with auto height adjustment for quick format change over.

Each filling head precisely measures the liquid volume with electromagnetic flowmeters with hygienic non-contact filling allowing capacities up to 60,000 bottles per hour. Filling is followed by Arol capping station with anti-dust and cap sterilisation system.

The bottles are than sent through the induction sealing unit followed by the inspection system for fill level, cap colour, cap presence, cap misalignment, foil detection with an ejection system. The bottles are than packed into trolleys with a pick and place robot.

The fully automatic filling and capping line and conveyor system includes an auto foam and clean system allowing human free cleaning of the filling and capping line after production.

Kursat Uysal from Ektam UK, comments, “This is a very exciting time for Ektam having secured the manufacture and supply of two fully automated filling lines first time into the UK at Tomlinson’s dairies.

“Following the commissioning of the two lines we will be extending our offering and activities in the UK concentrating on dairy, drinks and beverages sectors for HDPE, PET, glass and can filling lines.”

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