A bespoke multilayer pot from RPC Bebo Bouxwiller is helping to deliver quality of product and presentation for a new range of sheep’s milk specialities from leading French dairy company Le Petit Basque.

For its Douceur de Brebis desserts, Le Petit Basque required a packaging solution that was aesthetically pleasing while also guaranteeing the taste, freshness and extended life of the product. A key marketing requirement was that the inside of the pot should be white to emphasise the quality and purity of the dessert and the exterior sky blue to match the company’s iconic and instantly-recognisable branding.

The solution from RPC Bebo is a specially-designed 95mm pot manufactured using inline thermoforming which efficiently transforms multiple technical polymers into the finished pack in a single production step. The pack has been designed to satisfy the customer’s exacting standards for hygiene and line efficiency throughout the filling operation.

Equally important, a reduction in material usage meets Le Petit Basque’s sustainability requirements while still ensuring that the pot delivers the necessary strength and reliability throughout the supply chain and in consumers’ homes.

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