To help businesses grow and adapt without tying up cash in machinery, Packaging Automation (PA) offers a hire scheme that allows customers to automate packing processes with minimal investment. Entry-level machines are available on short-term hire for seasonal products such as fruit, with a sealing tool for one-pack format on hire for a fixed weekly rate. After an initial six-month hire period, users can return the machine and stop making payments, keep the machine at a reduced weekly rate or upgrade for a small uplift in cost to a quicker machine with a sealing tool if demand is increasing.

Chicory Crops, a small business packing gooseberries and cherries in punnets for Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Booths, worked closely with PA’s hire specialist Lesley Wakefield, who helped keep their costs down with a short-term hire package to suit the cherry season. This included a fully electric semi-automatic tray sealer and tools.

Jake Simpson, Owner at Chicory Crops, commented: “The machine is simple and very easy to use. The service we have received from PA has been very good, the tools arrived when we agreed and the service team have been great. That said, the simplicity of a rotary machine means that we have very rarely had a service engineer on site. We have already recommended PA, there are a number of businesses in our situation and the hire of a rotary sealer is a great way to provide a heat sealing capability for a smaller business requiring flexibility. Rotary machines are simple and with the right operatives, can churn out a high pack rate for very little cost and complexity. They allow you to far more accurately match your production requirement to the capacity of your machine or machines meaning that you are more efficient if you don’t have a consistent production output throughout the season.”

PA also offer advice, industry contacts and a free support service, including the preparation of sample packs in a test kitchen to help with the presentation of packed products to prospective customers.

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