ULMA Packaging Ltd has the solution to overcome many of the issues that have hampered the food industry caused by excess air in the bag.

The company has developed a revolutionary VFFS Air Extraction System (Tight Bag) to tackle excess air in the bag which often leads to bigger boxes resulting in fewer packs per pallet. To get over this challenge many manufacturers will make a hole or micro perforations in the bag, but when the product is stored for long periods this can result in the food becoming tainted.

Cereal manufacturers have for many years experienced a problem on mixed products where the heavier ingredient falls to the bottom of the box (bag in box) during transport. ULMA’s new ‘tight bag’ jaws make the pack tighter by removing air via a patented jaw design that will not damage product as per conventional options such as bag deflators. A tighter bag means mixed products are held in place during transportation.

To meet the market needs to remove as much air as possible from packs of frozen products, ULMA’s patented new system creates a controlled vacuum before sealing the bag – an innovative method which does not compromise packaging speeds but does reduce logistics costs.

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