Designer and manufacturer of offline advanced carton feeding systems, Rotech is unveiling its new RF-Box Feeder at PPMA 2015, stand B74. The launch is in response to an unprecedented number of enquiries from food and FMCG packers wanting to code secondary flat-pack boxes and cartons offline – a trend Rotech has not encountered before.

One of five exhibits on the Rotech stand, the RF-Box Feeder enables users to pre-mark flat cases prior to erection and filling. Rates vary depending on the box length and chosen marking technology, but can reach up to 150 boxes per minute.

Commenting on the drivers for offline stack-to-stack box feeding systems, Rotech director Richard Pether explains: “Today’s grocery market is evolving with discount, online and convenience emerging as the growth areas. Consequently, there’s higher demand for mixed cases and “little and often” deliveries to a wider number of locations, which makes logistical operations, and secondary packaging especially, much more complex.”

All these challenges increase the chance of human error as well as slowing the overall secondary packing process. The Rotech offline system overcomes this by ensuring food operators have a supply of boxes that are pre-marked with accurate information about their contents and destination.

At PPMA, the RF-Box Feeder will demonstrate how operation speed can be increased by removing the need for a marking step within the packing line itself. This can be especially beneficial in high-speed production environments and when handling perishable products with short use-by dates. What’s more, marking boxes when flat rather than assembled is a more efficient way to consistently code boxes on two sides, ensuring accurate positioning of traceability codes.

Discover more economical benefits and why offline box coding increases throughput, is more accurate than coding by hand and more flexible than inline coding. Visit stand B74.

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