Eat Street deserves a separate post to my Brisbane blog. This my friends is the Shangri-La of the food scene in Queensland and just like Street Feast and Pop Brixton here in London, Eat Street is Brisbane’s answer.
Words can not describe how mega this place is. It’s huge and grand on a breath taking scale with shipping containers converted into many different food and drink stalls all bunched together cooking up a variety of tantalising cuisines. Spoilt for choice and in awe of the place, I probably did not even touch a 1/3 of the place.
It is a unique experience and at the weekends what better way than to spend the day by the river in the glorious sunshine eating an array of mouth-watering food. A whopping 180 food stalls are dotted around in this enormous complex and in the heart of it is a stage fit for Glastonbury where live music is played throughout. From savoury and sweet foods to drinks and even retail, Eat Street will not disappoint. The other great thing about this place is that its not jam packed. Ok it can get crowded but at least you have space to walk around without having to worry about squeezing past.
Eat Street is going to help put Brisbane on the food map. It’s a massive coup for a city that’s starting to move with the times and I’m sure that it wont be too long until Brisbane is spoken in the same manner as Melbourne. It certainly has injected a new lease of life.



Lets talk food and drink. As I mentioned earlier I barely scratched the surface. If only it was that simple as i would go back within a heartbeat. There’s too much choice but that is no way a negative point. Asian, European, African and South American food are all there to be had. Whatever you want, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s there.
Starting things off I went for the Asian. Of course I did, how could I not. it would have been incredibly rude. Little Shanghai’s pork dumplings are bloody fantastic. These are no half arsed tiny dumplings, they are filled right to the brim with succulent pork in a soft, yet slightly crisp shell. With a good dash of soy and vinegar dressing there’s a good case to have more because they are utterly, ridiculously good. For the bigger appetites, Little Shanghai’s baos are ginormous. We’re not talking about the mini – sized ones that we all know, their baos are stuffed with either a selection of duck, soy and honey chicken, chicken karaage tempura prawns and finished with a big handful or crunchy slaw and sauce. Expect mess, expect a big smile.


Pan Fried Pork Dumplings

Crispy Pork Bao


L’Apero are the new kids on the block. Bringing French street food to Australia is a big move to make considering the locals are massively influenced by Asian cuisines. With the traditional snails in garlic and herb butter on the menu, it’s a brave move but one that will hopefully get Queenslanders interested in. But fear not their main attraction is the cheese and not just any cheese, oh no, gooey, stringy raclette cheese is their centre piece and watching them scrape the good stuff on some fried potatoes, onion and bacon there is nothing better. You would be insane to turn that down.
Next door to L’Apero is the Boys Caboose. With Rib fillet steak sandwiches and nachos on offer, I reluctantly had to have something smaller. Their croquettes are incredible filled with fluffy potatoes, bacon and cheese. I know, it’s bad enough I had bacon and cheese at L’Apero but you can’t have too much of a good thing.


Raclette, Fried Potatoes with Bacon & Onion

Cheese & Bacon Croquettes


Of course there’s going to be chicken as well. I just can’t get enough of the good stuff and at Poulet and Porc their chicken is so good there is no need for the dips. Lightly coated in a seasoned crumb these little bad boys are a real treat to have and by the end of it there will be nothing left but just pure bone.


Smokey Crispy Chicken Wings


It would be an insult not to have seafood at Eat Street. Oysters, Calamari and more, its all there waiting to be eaten.
Being by the sea and lucky enough to have it in abundance, go for the Moreton bay bugs from the Salty Sailor gang. Plump, juicy and grilled delicately with a lime, garlic and dill butter, I only wish for more.


Moreton Bay Bugs with a Garlic, Lime & Dill Butter


Lets not forget about the sweet things. They’re loud, in your face and sexy. I mean come on they do a Uniconut – rainbow coloured ice cream on top of a donut and croissant cone – and a rich Oreo and Nutella conut.
Alongside the conuts are a selection of stalls serving crepes, chocolate, fudge and candy to name just a few. It’s a mini Willy Wonka land and you don’t need a golden ticket to enjoy all of this.
With all this food, of course there’s beers, wines and cocktails to be drunk. But if there’s one place to have ice cold refreshing drinks, its going to have to be the Miss Flossy van. They might be non alcoholic but damn they’re not half bad. Not only that, if you go back (which I’m 100% sure you will) with your refillable cup the price is at a decent discount. They’re addictive and it’s easy to tackle every single flavour including strawberry daiquiri and pink lemonade to name just a few. With the sun beating down it is probably a better option than the beer.


Oreo Conut

Pineapple Sangria, Mango Passion Lemonade

221D Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton Queensland 4007


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