Eat Healthy – Mindfully Going the Extra Mile

The truth about eating healthy is – it’s possible. The healthy eating goal is within anybody’s reach, as long as there is strong conviction on our part. Enough with unplanned, hurried meal preparations! Separate the trash from the true food.

It only takes an hour or so of your time each week to plan the next seven day’s meal schedule ahead and gradually break off of the harmful options. Four food parameters below deserve modification for a successful start.


Processed, processed, processed food everywhere

Even if you are city dweller, you can have a good time reclaiming real food. To be precise, majority of packaged food is processed. You just have to be more sensitive about them and clearly define what to you is processed. You can categorize home-grown food as unprocessed or real and food grown or manufactured elsewhere as processed. To some, food that they make at home is unprocessed

You’ll begin to read labels. When you begin to do that, you’ll be more motivated to actually see goes into your food, what’s missing, and what better options you can go with.

And when you read labels, you’ll be surprised how much sugar and chemicals companies are putting in their products. The chemicals are there for them to make sure that their products last longer and taste better.

Take it a bit further by going for foods that don’t need to have ingredient labels on them – stuffs like oranges, bananas, oat meal and the like. You will mix and combine them at home and lay colorful, mouth-watering dishes on the table. When this fresh meal approach becomes second nature to you, you will discover that the new routine is not time-consuming at all.


Traditional meal preparation methods

We’ve come a long way from the time when all we know about food preparation are the recipes that our elders passed down onto us. Now we have a better scientific understanding of nutrition and how to get the most out of our food. In other words, hit the books to know better ways of preparing food.

As an example, refrigerate cooked potatoes first. You can do it as well with other vegetables. Chill these vegetables for about a day or so. The process will turn them into low-glycemic foods rather than high-glycemic, which is what they originally are. This will work well for maintaining a healthy level of sugar in your blood. You can reheat them after chilling. That will not change the healthy effect of refrigeration. Additionally, using extra-virgin olive oil in cooking these vegetable will help nullify their decelerating effect on metabolism.

Health benefits also come with the following:

  • To preserve your frozen berries’ antioxidants and vitamin c, thaw them in the microwave instead of defrosting them in the counter.
  • You can tear up iceberg and romaine lettuce the day before, which is actually better because they increase the antioxidant content fourfold or more.
  • Choose better types of foods. For example yellow corn contains 35 times more beta carotene compared to its white counterpart. So cook yellow when it comes to corn. And don’t get your beta-carotene supply from supplements, or suffer from lung cancer.

Eat as a response to hunger

It is also time to get over the notion that “food” is just for filling an empty stomach or satisfying cravings. You need to think that food is medicine.

Eat naturally fermented and refrigerated kefir, yogurt, kimchi and sauerkraut to increase the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut. This is also great for curing and preventing colds and the flu.

Many scientists are studying turmeric for its purported role in cancer prevention and treatment. Use a quarter of a teaspoon of it each day, sprinkled over your food, and you’ll be at a lower risk for cardiovascular diseases, cancer and osteoporosis.


  • A fishy diet has been found to help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Dark chocolate is good at curbing cravings, enhancing mood, lowering blood pressure, boosting brain health, increasing good cholesterol levels and lowering the bad ones.

Choose the better direction for you and your family. Depending on the kind of food you serve, you either give them the safest and most potent medicine in the world, or you gradually lead them to their grave.

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Claire works in marketing team at Brillopak, a premium quality, small footprint robotic packing, Tray Packer and palletising machine manufactures in United Kingdom. In a former life, Claire worked as a content specialist and she loves writing, reading & cooking.

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