Pork Lovers Road Show comes to Manchester

12th to 13thOctober: Over the course of five days, a group of experts from Spain will be continuing their journey across Europe and travelling around the U.K. celebrating the flavours, traditions and nutritional benefits of Spanish products. Final stop, Manchester!

Parking up at The Wellington Statue in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, the truck invites the U.K. to rediscover pork with interactive masterclasses, easy, everyday recipe suggestions, and to learn about the nutritional benefits of eating pork. On the truck, key members of INTERPORC and nutritionist Clara Gonzalez will be on hand to showcase all of the different and delicious attributes of Spanish products.

The educational campaign will host workshops providing the audience with traditional recipes and information that focuses on the versatility, variety, taste and ways of cooking it. Fun and interactive, it will be an opportunity for the whole family to learn more about Spanish cuisine, encouraging children to cook and adults to learn more about the nutritional benefits.

The truck will have travelled from Sheffield, Edinburgh and Leeds, and will be parked at The Wellington Statue in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, for 2 days, completing it’s tour of the U.K. Follow the truck journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Wellington Statue, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

12-13 October

Starting the tour in Barcelona, this has been the largest traveling promotion carried out by the Spanish pork sector. The Pork Lovers road show embarked on a journey travelling 10,000 kilometres visiting 22 Spanish cities over a period of 58 days, with its last stops in the UK. As the second largest producer in the European Union and the fourth largest in the world of pork, INTERPORC is proud to represent the 86,000 or so Spanish farms that produce more than 4 million tonnes per year who have made animal welfare and care of the environment its primary reason for the country’s successful pork industry.

The main focus of the tour is centred on the economic development and profitability of the sector; the changing perceptions of white pork; innovation and progressive research within the industry; and the sustainable production for consumers. Supported by The Interprofessional Agro-Food Organization of the White-Coat Porcine, a non-profit organisation in which all sectors of the value chain of white pigs are represented: production, processing and marketing, this will be a chance for the U.K. to engage and discover more about Spanish pork production and consumption.

The campaign, led by INTERPORC supported by the EU, is the association representing Spanish pork producers, who have set out to remind us not only about thevast array of wonderful quality produce coming from Spain but also the nutritional benefits of white pork meat.

At the press conference in London, famed Master Cutter, Chuse Valero from Bar Tozino, a Maltby Street favourite and often mentioned by national food critics as one of the best suppliers of Ibérico ham, explained the quality and flavour characteristics of this particular Spanish pork. Chuse choses his producers carefully, specialising in particular areas and farms in Spain that promise to provide top quality produce with complex flavours such as the nutty and sweet notes that we have come to expect from premium Ibérico ham.

Pork Lovers Tour Head Chef, Cesar García, explained the how London is one of the best markets for Spanish pork as British consumers are well travelled and are very open minded when it comes to their palates. Cesar also touched on the versatility of Spanish pork and its ability to fit within any dish whether it be in a fine dining restaurant or at home: the quality of the produce meant that it could adapt to any situation effortlessly.

In his speech, Antonio Tavares of INTERPORC referenced the quality of the supply chains: “Spanish pork has the highest welfare in the world. We don’t use hormones in our farming methods and we continue to innovate and change our systems of production. Even though it often costs us more to do this, the end product is much higher quality than any other country inside the EU.”

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