Save 1 in 4 journeys and the associated costs and CO2 with the new SOMI Trailer.

SOMIs are different. They carry 8 extra UK pallets, 34 total at 1.65m high.

Occupying the space under the trailer, accessed through the rear doors, SOMIs are double deckers but only 4m high. Built in conjunction with Paneltex and Tinsley Bridge Engineering, this innovative solution may save the cost of one in four trips, increase capacity at peak times and offer flexibility in use that no other trailer can, using patented technology and following years of research and development.

Great for 4m infrastructure, foreign journeys, ATP certified and easy to use, SOMIs can be used as a conventional flat trailer and loaded with or without a forklift and be multi temperature, providing flexibility at every stage.

Currently SOMIs are being built for trials by major supermarkets but will be available later in the year for others.

Same Outside More Inside = SOMI. Call 01724 855191 for details, see this world first at the show or SOMI can demonstrate to you at your premises.

Whichever way, don’t miss seeing how you can save with this revolutionary new British trailer.


Telephone: 01724 852113

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