The £4.5 billion Welsh food and drink sector, which is arguably one of the best in the world, will be showcasing its best-known food and drink products as part of a themed tourism campaign called Year of the Sea.

The Food and Drink industry is the rising star of the Welsh economy and a general love of good food is ingrained in the nation’s history. The Welsh Government’s food division is encouraging visitors and businesses to enjoy food and drink connected to the coastline and to discover epic sea specialities.

Wales is surrounded on 3 of its 4 sides by the sea and has over 230 beaches and over 50 islands. Wherever you are in Wales you are never more than just over an hour from the sea and all it offers. From the lobster pots of Anglesey and the mussel beds of Menai to the scallops of Cardigan Bay and the seaweed from Swansea, our produce comes from a highly skilled fishing industry, with most of it sourced from small family run boats with minimum environmental impact.

The Year of the Sea campaign promotes Wales to the world as a 21st century coastal destination putting the coastal communities and the epic shores (from coastal, to lakeside and riverside) front and centre of the marketing activity coordinated by Visit Wales.

As the attention shifts to the coast, naturally the RNLI is keen to help keep members of the Welsh fishing industry safe in their work as they fish the waters. The RNLI is calling on members of the coastline community and members of the tourism industry to support its 2018 fundraising campaign.

There are a host of fundraising initiatives focusing on the Year of the Sea theme which are aimed at keeping those who work in the fishing industry safe as well as those who come to Wales to enjoy the food and drink. Further details available.

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