I’ve got a whole lotta love for Ichibuns because having been one of the lucky few to travel around Japan, it certainly does follow suit with it’s kick ass vibe, fast moving pace and craziness.

Imagine walking into one of those loud, bonkers arcade joints, well that’s exactly what this place is like.

Japanese memorabilia is plastered everywhere from Manga comics,  retro Japanese posters to famous Anime characters and if that wasn’t cool enough for us “geeks”, the bar downstairs has some pretty major shizznet such as boomboxes, bulky televisions and Pachinko (Japanese arcade game).

The food is simple, quick and easy. However it is not just any fast food place, it has character and substance behind it.

Yes, it’s all about the burgers because lets face it it’s pretty hard to reject the chance of shoving one of the bad boys down but aside from them, Ichibuns also serve up hearty bowls of ramen noodles.

On the snack side of things, the Wagyu cheeseburger Harumaki is delicious – deep fried spring rolls crammed with a cheeseburger filling. Utter heaven and even the snow crab is just as impressive and if you want the wagyu and snow crab in a different form that is not so heavy, it can be ordered as Maki rolls.
As a fried chicken advocate and addict, Ichibuns tender and crispy chicken strips is a no brainer and their house smoked sauce compliments this ever so well. Perhaps I should have asked what was in it…

The burgers is where it is at and they do the classics ever so well such as the Ichiban – beef patty, BBQ sauce with all of the usual suspects – tomatoes, gherkins and lettuce. The Ichiban burger may not be Japanese based but don’t jump the gun because the restaurant takes it up a notch with the other buns getting the Asian treatment including the Panko – deep fried patties topped with Japanese pickled veg and curry ketchup or the chicken katsu – panko crusted fried chicken, tomatoes, Japanese coleslaw and mayonnaise. With a portion of fries to go alongside, it will definitely not disappoint.

Kale Crisps, Snow Crab Harumaki, Wagyu Maki, Wagyu Cheeseburger Harumaki, Panko Chicken Tenders

Ichiban Burger, Fries

Ichibuns is the place to go to right now. Banging food, boozy cocktails and music to get you in the partying mood, it fits right in with the London culture. Be prepared to wait though because this place has just opened so it’s name is on everybody’s lips right now. As they say patience is a virtue and believe me it’s worth it, so venture towards Ichibuns and get immersed within the Japanese culture.


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