As more companies work towards reducing their carbon footprint by replacing wood, cardboard and polystyrene products with a range of long life plastic returnable transit products (RTP), they have to decide whether to purchase or rent products. Apart from the substantial capital outlay for acquiring equipment, they must also make provisions for tracking and managing the product pool once it leaves their premises.

PPS Midlands and PPS East have many years experience in supplying plastic pallets, pallet boxes, plastic nestable trays and tote boxes etc to clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Business Development Manager Jonathan Issatt reported, “PPS rent clients what products they need and deliver the specified quantities of hygienic ‘BRC’ accredited products ready for use, when and for how long they need it.

“We can also manage their pool of RTP products using our online tracking system ‘ENABLE’, collecting the transit products from the delivery site, return them to one of our state of the art facilities to wash and prepare the equipment for reuse.

“So, whatever company requirements are, PPS can offer a rental option that can be tailored to suit individual requirements and back this up with our dedicated management and logistics services.”

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