To facilitate more effective removal of sticky, dried and burnt-on soils, Vikan has launched four new Stainless Steel Scrapers.

Both hand held and extendable versions with a threaded handle are available, each in two popular sizes.

The new Stainless Steel Scrapers were developed to deal with some of the toughest stains in the food and beverage industry including:

  • Dough, confectionery gels and pastes
  • Soft chocolate, cheese
  • Dried powders, other bakery debris
  • Hardened chocolate
  • Burnt-on meat and other soils

A stainless spring steel blade, a high-strength attachment and – in the hand held models – an ergonomic finger rest enable forceful soil removal without the use of excessive hot water or detergents.

While tough on soils, rounded blade corners ensure that these scrapers go easy on surfaces so cleaning staff can protect tables, other work surfaces, equipment and utensils while keeping them cleaner.

Depending on the version, the Stainless Steel Scrapers come in up to 9 colours. The Scraper’s threaded handle is designed to fit any of Vikan’s colour-coded and threaded handles.

Find out more from, contact Vikan Customer Service at [email protected] or call 01793 716760

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