As the Coronavirus pandemic rolls into its third quarter, smart companies are becoming increasingly adept at handling the crisis from a business perspective. 

Workspaces are safer environments, flexible working and video conferencing have become normal and social distancing for work colleagues and visitors is part-and-parcel of everyday working life. 

This new need for social distancing has been helped in no small part with one of the key tools for battling the pandemic – the temporary barrier. 

These easily assembled, portable, lightweight products have become a part of many modern safety-conscious workplaces, used by facility managers and health and safety experts to quickly, tidily and effectively enforce walkways, segregation and distancing wherever it is needed. 

Such has been the demand for temporary barriers, that McCue, a safety company that acquisitioned temporary barrier leaders Banner Stakes in 2020, believes the products should be recognised as an essential part of any business’s health and safety armoury – and not just through the pandemic. 

UK Sales Manager Neil Cox says: “The upheaval I’ve seen in facilities since March has been astonishing. Factories that have had a settled layout for years had to totally rethink, even facilities that were run well had to change and adapt. Our temporary barriers have so often been the new product on the shop floor – the first line of defence in the new battle against the virus in the workplace.” 

McCue’s temporary barriers aren’t just COVID-busters, though. Their adaptability means they can be used for all sorts of situations, whether virus-related or not, such as: 

         •  Organising queues in-store or outside that manage social distancing requirements and reduce waiting times and keep customers happy 

         •  Positional indicators that remind customers of distancing guidelines 

         •  Customisable webbing that provides messaging for any situation 

         • Helping to promote fair, well-managed queues that reduce waiting times and keep customers happy 

         •  Easy to store cart that offers mobility and versatility and is ideal for transporting barriers to and from their intended location 

         •  Additional signage options 

Neil adds: “The inherent flexibility and simple practicality of the barriers are proving vital for companies at the moment – but the products aren’t just ‘here today gone tomorrow’. They’re a vital part of any smart facility’s health and safety armoury – something that will last and be re-used time and again and, ultimately, something that makes companies more efficient and productive.” 

Post-COVID, who knows what the business landscape will be like this time next year – but one thing is for certain: intelligent temporary barriers are an essential part of the ongoing battle with the virus, and a practical solution for smart facility organisation long after COVID is finally defeated. 

To discuss or order McCue’s new range of temporary barriers before the Christmas period please contact McCue now on 01908 365511