Water To Help The Whole World.

One of the UK’s top wedding and events venues, Elmore Court, in Gloucestershire, has invested in a Vero Water on-site purified drinking water system as part of its vision to become a truly sustainable and eco-friendly business.

Owner Anselm Guise says: “The Vero Water system makes perfect sense for us because we were buying in a huge quantity of high-end, branded bottled water for guests and the glass and plastic waste this created was insane, irresponsible really. So I wanted to find an alternative that would slash our waste, offer superb quality drinking water and make sound economic sense.

“We found Vero Water through WHOLE WORLD Water, a registered UK charity that aims to end the global water crisis by helping the hospitality and tourism industry to filter, bottle and sell their own water. Vero Water is their preferred supplier in the UK. Venues like us contribute 10% of the proceeds and 100% of the monies raised are invested in global clean and safe drinking water projects.”

“The Vero Water system connects directly to our own mains water, but purifies it so that it tastes superb. There is zero bottle waste because we can refill bottles again and again. It also makes very good financial sense. By switching from expensive branded pre-bottled water we are saving around £300 per month, and we can sell the water at the bar at a much lower price compared with traditional bottled water.”


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