Chefs Dan and Andy (Dandy) recently left their London Fields home and opened a new hotspot bringing all day brunch and dinner to Stoke Newington, What seems to be an old office space has now been transformed into a modern, stylish restaurant with an open patio outside and with the hip hop music on continuous these guys are creating food without the fuss. That’s what diners want right?
On a day to day basis Dandy deliver brunch classics such as  creamy scrambled eggs, soft crumpets and freshly baked pastries as well as offering tantalising plates influenced from other parts of the globe.





We sat down for brunch in the middle of the afternoon and picked out three dishes from the menu – I was very close to ordering the specials with the waitress utilising her impressive selling skills to try and persuade me- she’s seriously good. With time ticking on and having to be somewhere else later that day these guys produced the goods quick time.
The size of the lahmacun is mega-spiced pulled lamb shoulder and mince laid out on a hot warm fluffy flatbread soaking up all of the delicious juices that the meat has been lovingly slow cooked in. Topped with a fried egg and a healthy drizzle of cool refreshing yogurt, this dish is a favourite amongst the staff and locals alike.
The coconut dhal has big flavours firing on all cylinders which surprisingly doesn’t overpower. With a sweet sticky date chutney- perhaps a little too much- it’s a hearty dish that will surely cure any poor man’s hangover and for something a bit more mellow and less wild so to speak Dandy use fresh crunchy  garden peas lavishly coated in ricotta, garlic and mint spread vigorously on thick grilled sourdough.



Lahmacun With Lamb Mince, Shoulder, Tahini Flatbread

Coconut Dhal With Grilled Flatbread, Date Chutney Yoghurt

Smashed New Peas With Ricotta, Garlic Mint On Grilled Sourdough


Whether you want a quick coffee break, something substantial to eat to set you up for the day or to  even relax to an evening meal,  Dandy has it all. Simple and sweet this place has the winning formula perfect for the Stokey locals and better yet the portion sizes definitely give you your money’s worth.

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