NDC provides high performance process measurement systems for food quality assurance and process control. Available parameters include moisture, fat and protein content, as well as degree of bake. At Foodex 2014 both on-line (continous) and at-line (sample testing) solutions will be presented.

Food manufacturing processes using NDC measurements include: biscuits, crisps, snacks, chocolate, coffee, dairy powders, sugar, meat and many other products in powder, flake and granule form.

The MM710e NIR (near infrared) non-contacting on-line food gauge is typically integrated into automated process control systems to optimize drying, baking and other processes. It is available with a choice of connectivity options including, Ethernet, fieldbus and analogue.

The InfraLab at-line food analyzer makes similar measurements but on samples extracted from the process. In most cases, samples require no or very little preparation. The InfraLab is able to measure a larger sample than loss-on-drying or wet chemical methods, resulting in a values more representative of the process. In routine use, the InfraLab requires no special operator skills. Its Ethernet and USB connectivity provide complete user access to measurement data.

See NDC’s Series 710e On-line Gauges and Infralab At-line Analyzers on our stand R378 or visit www.ndc.com/food.

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