Futamura has announced that Brevard, NC-based Cermount is using NatureFlex™ packaging film as part of a renewable stand-up pouch.  Using packaging made from renewable resources reduces the use of plastics made from finite petro chemicals, offering a sustainable solution for single-use packaging.  By combining high performance plant-based films in the lamination, the pouch achieves a high degree of bio-based content without compromising on appearance or shelf life.  The pouch has approximately 85% renewable carbon content, with the exact number to be certified by USDA Bio-Preferred.

The new package was developed in partnership with New Excelsior of Sigma Plastics Group.  The pouch is comprised of multiple layers of material, each imparting a specific function.  Cellulose-based NatureFlex™ is used for its printability and barrier properties, while Braskem’s sugar cane-based I’m Green™ polyethylene serves as the inner layer, providing hermetic seals.  Joe Jankowski, from Braskem’s Renewables team in North America, adds “As consumers increasingly look to align their desires for more sustainable lifestyle choices to the products they buy every day.  We are proud to be bringing our sugar cane based I’m Green polyethylene bio-based plastic to this new stand-up pouch.  Today’s announcement reflects the momentum we see in leaders like Futamura and Cermount in bringing innovative new solutions to market that meet those rising consumer preferences for packaging that contributes to environmental preservation.”

Cermount is a social enterprise contract manufacturer with expertise in blending, filling, and packaging dry foods and dietary supplements. Cermount provides evaluation, training and jobs for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.  They are certified to SQF Level 3, as well as offering certified Organic and Kosher production.  “Our team’s commitment to the natural products industry and to the environment inspired us to spearhead this revolutionary planet-friendly pouch.” says Ann Buchman, VP of Marketing and Growth.  The new pouch will be launched during Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.  The first company to implement the plant-based pouch will begin distribution in November.

Futamura is the global manufacturing leader of Cellophane films for packaging and industrial applications.  NatureFlex™ by Futamura is a family of flexible packaging films that offers an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.  The materials are based on renewable cellulose, sourced from sustainably managed forestry.  As a high-performance packaging film, NatureFlex™ provides the oxygen, moisture, oil, and aroma barriers needed for many food products.  Chris Mitchell, Commercial VP-Americas at Futamura comments; “Bio-based plastics technology has improved dramatically in recent years and we can now offer solutions with performance comparable to traditional packaging materials.  We are happy to be working with a number of great brands that have chosen to make a sustainable choice for their packaging.”

See the pouch at Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas at Braskem’s booth, S-6830

To learn more, please visit www.cermount.com/planet-friendly-pouches

For more information about Futamura and NatureFlex™ please go to www.futamuragroup.com

For more information about Cermount please go to www.cermount.com

For more information about Braskem please go to www.braskem.com.br/usa

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