WERIT UK, a leading UK manufacturer of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), Canisters, Containers and Pallets, has recently announced the award of British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation at its factory in Irlam, Manchester. Qualification for this accreditation saw WERIT UK embark on an 18 month journey which included a full review of operational, quality and administrative processes to ensure conformity with the BRC standard. The food industry is one of the most legislated in the world and all stakeholders within its UK supply chain are demanding complete traceability from their suppliers. The desire to achieve BRC accreditation was driven by customers seeking to ensure that the standards already in existence were verified by a recognised external standard specific to the Food Industry. Essentially the quality, safety and legal standards maintained within WERIT UK’s manufacturing facility are proven to be directly equivalent and compatible with those of the food production facilities of its own customers.

If a supplier gains certification against the BRC global standard it assures the customer that they are dealing with a company that reaches high levels of competence in areas critical to the delivery of products with food grade quality and integrity. “We are increasingly seeing customers within the food industry demanding BRC accreditation. Not only are the food manufacturers doing so but retailers demand that every part of their supply chain be BRC accredited” stated Jason Waywell, National Sales Manager at Werit UK. “The food industry is a strategic market for us and we are 100% committed to this investment to ensure that we manufacture and deliver product that is fit for use in this heavily legislated market”

WERIT have also launched the NUTRIline IBC which is expected to be a popular choice amongst customers in the food industry. Manufactured from virgin food grade polymer, this IBC range can be fitted with WERIT’s unique trumpet style piston valve which offers up to 400% less leakage with recurring use compared to the competition.

Further information can be found at www.whywerit.co.uk|

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