Huegli Snack Seasonings is a specialised business unit within the Huegli group of companies, supplying seasonings and other ingredients to snack manufacturer’s right across Europe.

With our portfolio of ingredients in all sectors of the food industry, we are well positioned to provide unique solutions for your snacking needs. This could be tailored to meet ever more demanding requirements for healthier recipes such as low salt, low sugar, gluten free or organic etc.

We also offer a wide range of added benefit components such as provenance ingredients, air dried fruits and vegetables and our brand new range of flavoured oils. Team this up with our extensive range of packaging options such as small sachet packs and we can add value to your snacking needs.

As the snack market dynamic is ever changing, our creative development team work closely with our customers using our bespoke market insight research to assist your development needs for the future. Whether you are looking for the next flavour trend or innovative ingredients to add value, we are here to help you. Think of us as an extension to your own development team.

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