An Ishida iTPS (Integrated Total Packaging System) is delivering a fast payback on investment at leading Italian dried fruit and nut supplier Madi Ventura.

The new Ishida multihead weigher and bagmaker combination at Madi Ventura’s factory in Chieve, supplied by Ishida’s Italian agent Itech Italia, has replaced two packing lines for the company’s ranges of pine kernels, shelled and blanched almonds, hazel nuts and walnuts, delivering speeds of up to 140 packs per minute.

The iTPS comprises Ishida’s latest 14-head RV multihead weigher, integrated with the advanced Atlas-204 snack food bagmaker. The Atlas incorporates an innovative double rotary jaw motion and superior control technology, which minimises raw material waste, film loss and downtime for film changes.

Key benefits of the Ishida system, according to Madi Ventura, are its accuracy, consistency and ease of operation.

Dried fruit and nut products are expensive so accuracy is particularly vital. “Giveaway has been reduced to less than 1%,” reports Madi Ventura’s operations director Giuseppe Calvini. “We have practically eliminated film waste, and when you take into account the overall savings the iTPS offers and the increased production that it delivers, the purchase price is more than justified by the fast payback.”