Leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has collaborated with Norway’s Leroy Seafood Group to produce a range of resource-efficient sushi convenience packs, which will be supplied exclusively to leading Spanish retailer, Mercadona.

Made from laminated PET with a printed film base tray and a clear anti-fog PET lid, the range comprises single and double portion and family sized packs that are designed to contain ready-to-eat maki, nigiri, sashimi and Japanese salads.

Notably, in a move from previous designs, LINPAC has developed a total pack solution that taps into the on-the-go snacking market by including internal cavities for wooden chopsticks and condiments. These innovative features ensure neat, hygienic presentation of the contents and facilitate quick and easy dispensing and consumption for the consumer.
Diego Fernandez, product manager at LINPAC, commented: “We turned the full range around in a very short space of time by presenting designs and prototypes to Leroy throughout the process.

The resulting food-safe solution completely eliminates the need for additional packaging.”

A variety of raw fish, cooked fish and non-fish sushi and sashimi will be packed into the trays, for purchase on the same or following day, to comply with food safety regulations. The offer is currently on sale in 16 Mercadona stores in Madrid, Valencia and Southern area. Due to a successful trial period, progressive implementation is expected from early January 2017.
Group Marketing Manager at LINPAC, Nikki Clark, added: “This is a fantastic example of how collaborative innovation processes truly add value to our customers. In this case, the design has been streamlined to make it fit for purpose and removes the need for additional materials. It’s a truly resource-efficient, total pack solution.”

For more information, please visit linpac.com

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