Due to a supermarket packaging change, Karsten UK were looking for a reliable high speed heat sealing machine which provided great efficiencies to pack their range of table grapes. Having already sourced their pre-printed film and to avoid any redesigns and additional costs PA accommodated Karsten’s existing film and designed the new tool around the existing film format.

The introduction of a twin lane eclipse TL6 tray sealing machine has allowed Karsten to upgrade their packaging from flow wrapping to heat sealed punnets providing them with cost and environmental benefits combined with greater efficiency and minimum downtime. The new line gives them a consistent seal on all packs and Karsten produce over 140 packs per minute consistently in production.

Bernie Niehaus Packaging and Equipment Manager from Karsten commented:
Choosing PA was an easy decision, we had to make our film work, and so with the help of the PA team we settled on the TL6 as they could design the tool to fit our film. The machine is very easy to use and PA went out of their way to get us the setup we needed to make it simple.  PA are always there when you need them.

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