Specialising in the fabrication of natural sheep and casings for discerning wurstmachers (sausage manufacturers) throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe, Iman Casing has been committed to producing superior quality products for decades. Moreover, building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients, the company has an approach to the industry that makes doing business a pleasure.

­So why natural casings? Well, all passionate food connoisseurs swear by the characteristic flavour, aroma and natural taste of these casings. Natural casings provide that special ‘snap’ that true sausage lovers expect. The casing is permeable, which means that it bonds with the meat and helps the sausage share its aroma in the deli case or on the skillet.

No other casing can quite match the ‘naturals’ for maintaining a fresh appearance and keeping the sausage sweet juicy and tender as well as visually appealing. Traditional sausages require and needs natural casing as it provides the perfect bite.

Iman Casings, the only company in Ireland to have a purpose-built facility, also has a plant in Shropshire and is renowned for its product excellence throughout the industry. There is a huge demand for natural product and Iman Casing has no trouble in supplying it.

Indeed, its ongoing growth has resulted in the company planning to open another processing plantnext door to its facility in Co. Mayo, which will see it employing an additional 60 people.

It is important to point out that everything is sourced, and all processes are carried out, in Ireland … not China! In fact, having consistent local suppliers is a major factor in the company’s success. This, combined with updated technology and effective logistics, makes Iman Casing the No.1 choice for wurstmachers who refuse to compromise on quality. Moreover, it has always maintained the HACCP benchmark to fabricate sausage casings that meet the international standards of health and hygiene.

Purchasing and harvesting of the raw materials needs to meet strict hygiene standard specifications. Iman Casing understands the fundamentals of the raw material and, therefore, chooses the materials as per the standard specifications. Once collected from the slaughterhouses, all material is immediately stretched to avoid any kind of weak spots, which the blood vessels may create if allowed to cool down. The company regularly perform quality inspections and ensure the casings are expertly monitored for quality and sanitation.

Iman Casing is a very environmentally-friendly company too; doing far more than just paying lip service to it. It harvests its own water, for instance, taking somewhere in the region of 25,000 litres a day out of the ground. The company has invested in solar panels too, alongside other initiatives that help to make Iman Casing a genuinely sustainable business.

An expanding company with a philosophy that revolves around the very highest levels of customer service, Iman Casing is not only a friendly company – it never pesters people, and is more than happy for customers and potential customers to call just to say ‘hello’ So whatever your requirements, if you’re looking for the best in natural casings telephone 00353 9496 30179. Or why not visit the website at www.imancasing.com.