Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging received the German Packaging Award 2017 (Deutscher Verpackungspreis) in the “functionality and convenience” category. The competition – organised annually by the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut – dvi) – recognised the company for its innovative easy opening solution, CornerPack.

In response to European consumers’ growing appetite for snacks on the go, Mondi’s Consumer Packaging R&D Innovation team and Mondi Solec in Poland developed a new packaging solution that focuses on convenience. The majority of conventional foil packaging is opened by tearing along a perforated corner. However, this often not only results in product spillage but also in openings that are either too large or too small. This prompted Mondi to design a bag with multiple easy-to-use openings.

Based on consumer feedback, Mondi devised semi-circular, parallel scoring lines on both sides in the bag’s upper corners to indicate the different opening options. Consumers simply open the packaging as usual, as the tear automatically follows the scoring line, which facilitates easy product delivery. By pre-punching the scoring lines, Mondi eliminated uncontrolled tears and product spillage.

On top of that, the new design does not require additional instructions on how to open the packaging: The scoring lines run around the full width of the bag – starting in the corner, which means opening the product is highly intuitive.

The panel of judges was particularly impressed by the smart design of the tear lines. Moreover, the scoring lines can easily be applied to the majority of popular flexible packaging (BOPP and met/BOPP films) without requiring additional changes to existing production lines. Oliver Sperber, Chief Innovation Officer Mondi Consumer Packaging, commented, “We are honoured to be receiving this award for the second year in a row and consider it as a recognition of our commitment to develop convenient packaging solutions that simplify the lives of consumers every day.”

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