Food manufacturers are being offered the chance to transform the renewable energy landscape, by contributing to the first anaerobic digestion feedstock specifically designed to give a guaranteed production of biomethane.

Amur’s blended ‘soup’ – which is blended to a fixed specification from food waste, and sold to anaerobic digester (AD) operators under the Ch4rger brand – is an industry first.

Nigel Lee, General Manager at Amur, says the development is helping the company to advise customers on the most cost effective route for by-products while also guaranteeing the best possible environmental performance. “Most producers prefer the AD route for residual food waste, but productivity varies hugely between plants. Feeding a plant consistently really helps the bacterial population and health, which, in turn, helps to optimise the volumes and consistency of gas which is produced.”

Amur’s parent company, AB Agri, has been routing food manufacturing by-products into animal feeds for 36 years. Through Ch4rger, it has applied its extensive biological expertise to offer a sustainable solution for those wastes that may not be suitable for animal feeds. It also works with an experienced waste management partner to ensure that suppliers benefit from excellent levels of packaging recycling.

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