Trays are undoubtedly a great way to package food products. Whether plastic or foam, they are lightweight, durable and protective. But to really top them off and maximise their potential, the wrapping experts at Yorkshire Packaging Systems recommend sealing the deal with a high grade lidding film. Here’s why ‘LIDTEC’, developed by world-leading manufacturer Bollore and exclusively available in the UK from YPS, is the perfect choice for every tray… 

LIDTEC represents the ultimate glossy display window for trayed food goods, yet also preserves freshness, integrity and longevity. Retail packs of cheese slices, chicken pieces, meat fillets, vegetables and snacks all look better and stay fresher with this new dedicated top sealing solution. It provides a wrinkle-free, high transparency aesthetic that is perfect for the retail environment and a strong puncture resistant membrane to house food securely and prevent contamination. 

Impressively, LIDTEC also provides a precisely controlled shrinkage ratio. This offers a drum-tight fit to trays, holds food in position and prevents slippage, all without distorting the tray’s shape (whether PET, PP, PE or foam). This also allows for a dramatic reduction in weight, density and rigidity requirements of trays, offering real potential to reduce the material volumes of trays for packers with ‘green’ concerns. The controlled shrinkage also makes LIDTEC perfect for retail shelf units where space is at a premium, as the trays can be stacked upright without compromising the appearance of their contents. Where shallower trays are used, retailers can benefit from the protrusion of the food afforded by LIDTEC to make the product portion look even more substantial. 

Foods with a shorter shelf-life benefit from the company’s breathable LIDTEC specification as its oxygen permeability prevents stagnation and mould formation. Despite these properties, it shields food with a tough water-tight formulation that prevents leakage and contamination. Finally, anti-fog properties serve to prevent water droplets forming on the inside of the pack as the food breathes, retaining crystal clear clarity. 

LIDTEC is also available for MAP applications, such as foods with a longer shelf life like meat and convenience foods. Its barrier properties create totally hermetic seals to preserve the gaseous environment – proven to extend shelf life and reduce food waste which is critical for the retail supply chain.

With complimentary samples available now, why not give LIDTEC a tray? Bespoke printed variations also possible.