Food Technology Corporation (FTC) ( experts in the supply of food texture analyzers, has launched a new version of its website dedicated to food texture measurement.

With a unique 40 year heritage solely within food texture testing, the website has been redesigned with an easy to navigate layout and a strong emphasis on providing practical information on food texture applications.

Visitors are provided with information related directly to either their specific industry, such as bakery, confectionery, dairy, fruits and vegetables, meats, grains and gels or their specific test method e.g. compression, bulk analysis, extrusion, penetration and shearing. This focus means food technologists and quality control personnel can easily assess how best to test their particular food products and ingredients.

Food Technology Corporation’s competitively priced texture analyzers, tenderometers, test cells, fixtures and software are showcased, providing visitors with a comprehensive introduction to FTC’s range of products. Test cells and fixtures are grouped by test method, for example, shearing, compression and bulk analysis, ensuring straightforward selection of the most appropriate test accessory.

Shirl Lakeway, President of FTC comments, “One of our biggest challenges is to inform new potential customers of the solutions we have to offer for their food texture measurement needs. Our new website seeks to accomplish this, to ‘get the word out’ on the commercial and technical advantages of our products and to show individuals that there is a more cost effective alternative to the over-priced units offered by others.  Many of our customers find that they can purchase two of our systems for the same price as one of our competitor’s units while also getting superior customer support.”