The Bakery Market and Key Trends

The bakery market has gained significant coverage in recent years accelerated by programmes such as “The Great British Bake off.” The recession has resulted in a regained appreciation for homemade treats capturing the imagination of the nation and illustrated the joy of home baking.

Bakery ingredients manufacturers are constantly seeking to bring new and innovative mixes into the market. The main trends for 2012 are health and indulgence. Consumers continue to seek something which is different yet familiar and authentic, and there is a big demand for nostalgic products.


Demand for malted and seeded bread has grown 5.1% since 2009 with consumers integrating healthier “fuller for longer” products into their diets. Consumers are looking for healthier alternatives without forgoing taste. Increased innovation in healthier bread ranges has provided consumers with more choice. In response to such trends, Zeelandia has launched “Your Daily…Bread” range offering consumers four multi-seeded bread mixes namely Malted Barley & Sunflower, Linseed & Corn, Sunflower & Sesame and Corn & Spelt. All varieties contain a variety of natural, ancient grains with great taste.

Zeelandia have taken this approach a step further and focused on added health benefits. Prokorn, a delicious multigrain bread with linseeds, sunflower, maize and bran which has a number of health claims including being high in fibre, high in calcium and a source of iron. This is available in an easy to use 3x5kg sachet pack providing convenience for the baker and the addition of only yeast and water makes this mix also suitable for the catering sector.


During the recession, consumers are keen to purchase affordable treats and cakes are a natural expression of such a trend. Zeelandia have just launched a banana bread mix which fulfils the nostalgic and indulgence trends. This is a versatile mix suitable for the production of whoopie pies, cupcakes and banana bread. Various additions can be used allowing the baker to create their own unique concept, for example toffee pieces, dried fruit etc.

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