Organic and biodegradable waste treatment company The Maltings Organic Treatment Ltd has taken delivery of a de-packaging system that can handle up to 10,000 tonnes of heavily packaged and contaminated food products.

The system removes packaging from all kinds of food products, allowing both the packaging and food to be recovered and recycled.

Based in Yorkshire, The Maltings Organic Treatment is a waste treatment company with the facilities to handle and treat various types of organic and biodegradable wastes. The company work towards a zero waste to landfill policy, ensuring anything they receive is treated and recycled accordingly.

The de-packaging system accepts a wide range of packaging materials including plastics, card, paper, and tin, double and treble wrapped. Trials have proven that a 99% recovery rate can be achieved on some of the heavily packaged and contaminated products. All packaged items are completely destroyed, ensuring nothing can be re-sold, the de-packaged food products are then recovered and recycled to produce compost using their state of the art in-vessel composting system. The packaging is then further recovered and recycled, diverting waste from landfill and enhancing their environmental credentials. The de-packaging system is the first stage of ongoing plans to build a large Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) system for the separation of Organics and Contaminants. The Maltings Organic Treatment has a vision to be the complete answer to the treatment of organic and biodegradable waste, Managing Director Steven Carrie added “The system is a great asset to the site as it handles various types of packaged food products, allowing The Maltings Organic Treatment to expand their existing technology further and enhance their capacity to recover and recycle much more”.

The arrival of the de-packaging system illustrates the company’s desire to provide businesses with a service that accepts packaged food waste, as well as treats and recycles both the food waste and packaging further. The Maltings Organic Treatment Ltd accept a variety of organic and biodegradable wastes, packaged or unpackaged to treat and recycle, and produce an end product of PAS 100 standard compost, offering a healthier, cost effective alternative to landfill.

For further information and details of services offered, please call 01977 689844 or email [email protected].