Tooting Broadway boasts way too many take out places but amongst all that, opposite the underground station lies a super-cool suburban restaurant called Bellpassi Bros

This isn’t your average Italian joint, the Belpassi Brothers are waving the Italian flag celebrating the humble meatball and creating some of the most simple and slick dishes in South London and they’re not messing around either.


To start we ordered a round of crispy, gooey and cheesy arincinis with a sweet tomato dip as well as chicken livers spread lavishly on grilled toasted bread. However the red onion marmalade on top was bit too sickly sweet.

Their meatballs are a triumph. The angus beef and duroc pork – there are other choices –  are superb especially with amatriciana – a spicy tomato base sauce with smoked bacon. I had buttery rigatoni with mine but you can also have polenta or chilli greens if you like. Vegetarian wise, Belpassi Bros’ veggie balls are banging, retaining that dense meaty texture but with all of that veggie goodness and flavour. If you’re really hungry there’s a whole bunch of tantalising sides as well with rosemary and garlic skin-on fries being the number one choice as they don’t scrimp on the rosemary or the garlic.

To finish a creamy and refreshing gelato went down a treat.

Chicken Liver Crostini
Angus Beef & Pork Duroc Balls
Veggie Balls
Salted Caramel & Rhubarb Gelato

With the staff  being charming and chatty, the Brothers serving delicious bowls of pasta and with it costing less than a  tenner, this is a welcoming sight to area of Tooting. The Belpassi Bros have come a long way since their food truck days. Long may it continue.

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