While there are, of course, many flow measurement and monitoring applications in the food and beverage industries that require continuous, permanently installed flow measurement, there are many more that need only temporary measurement or to be checked periodically. Flow surveys, process checks, CIP testing, energy monitoring, for example heat metering to check the HVAC installations, or pump and valve verification can be done in-house as long as you have the right equipment.

Clamp-on, non-invasive meters where no process interruption is required can be a great solution for any or all of these applications. A system such as a hand-held Katronic KATflow 200 offers straightforward, easily installed flow measurement on filled pipes for CIP testing, verification of other flowmeters and leakage/blockage detection, while its big brother the KATflow 230, with its twin transducer inputs and temperature measurement, gives the user a direct method of measuring heat entering and leaving an area so heat usage can be directly surveyed.

For sites where this type of usage is occasional, or where outright purchase can’t be justified, or even just to test and verify new installations, rental becomes a great option. The immediate and obvious advantage is that there is no capital cost, you just rent the meter for the days, weeks or months that you need it. You can specify the clamp-on meter that you need so you are always making the measurement with the ideal device. 

Maybe even more important, as long as you are dealing with the manufacturer directly or an experienced and expert rental company such as Flowhire in West Yorkshire, is professional advice so you make sure you are going to use the right equipment. That leads to probably the most important benefit – you know it will work! The clamp-on unit will feature up-to-date software, fully charged batteries (where appropriate), it will have been tested and in the majority of cases, will be set up exactly to your application and specification. Flowhire also supply a current, traceable, calibration certificate to prove each meter’s accuracy.

A good rental partner such as Flowhire will also support with installation if required and will give technical and application support throughout the rental along with, where necessary, help with downloading and interpreting data at the end of the project.