To give an appealing surface to baked goods, the bakery industry has traditionally used egg wash or dairy-based glaze. However, price volatility and instable supply of egg products in certain parts of the world and in particular the recent situation in Europe following the new cage legislation, calls for new alternative solutions.

The new KMC GlazeMaker 25 is based on potato starch, which makes it a cost effective alternative with a secure supply situation. Also allergen issues are important today and potato starch represents an attractive non allergenic alternative to egg and dairy-based solutions.

GlazeMaker 25 provides a superior shine that gives your baked goods that fresh and appealing look that attracts the consumer’s eye. In addition to providing a high gloss, GlazeMaker 25 possesses an excellent adhesion. Brush or spray the solution onto your baked goods before baking and add your desired topping. Whether it is sesame seeds on buns, salt on pretzels or other creative combinations, the topping will be fixed effectively thanks to the adhesiveness of the glaze solution. And the topping is kept in place even after freezing, thawing and baking.

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