Interfood customers can now ensure ultimate hygiene for their processing equipment following the announcement that the Buckinghamshire-based business has signed a new partnership agreement with Colussi Ermes.

Operating from a head office in Italy and a satellite operation in the USA, Colussi Ermes is recognised as a global leader in advanced washing systems for the food industry, with more than 6,000 machines in operation throughout the globe. 

The company’s extensive knowledge has evolved from over 50 years of working with the food industry, with systems supplied for a range of food processing operations, from meat, poultry and dairy to fruit and vegetables and fish.

The new systems will sit within Interfood’s Thermal Processing and Conditioning Division. Steve Naylor is manager of the Division and comments – “we are delighted to be representing Colussi Ermes in the UK and Ireland. In addition to the excellent quality of the company’s washing, drying and automating solutions, one thing which particularly impressed us is the attention to detail in minimising washing times. With the food industry quite rightly focused on energy costs sitting at an all-time high, being able to offer high level performance but with substantially reduced energy consumption is a strong message.”

Central to the Colussi Ermes philosophy is building tailor made machines, an approach that ties in with Interfood’s own commitment to supplying solutions designed to the specific requirements of a given customer. Naylor continues – “food processing operations can differ quite significantly: floorspace, production capacities, power supply and the type of residue/soiling to be processed are just some of the factors that should be considered. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach but rather one that looks at the 

specifics of an operation and develops a solution which is designed to optimise results.”

The range of Colussi Ermes equipment Interfood will be offering is extensive, including washers for conveyor belts and filters, crates, knives and blades, racks, sticks, utensils, and tote bins, along with spin drying systems.