Special glow-in-the-dark sleeves from CCL Decorative Sleeves are helping to convey the day and night image of a unique new water brand that is ‘Ibiza personified’.

WhiteWater comprises spring water with natural caffeine and electrolytes. With no calories, additives or preservatives, it is the ideal drink to energise, replenish and rehydrate, whether exercising or relaxing during the day or partying throughout the night.

The sleeve design features a cyan blue background with a “tattoo” at the top incorporating Yin and Yang, along with an island motif and palm trees. In darkness and in particular, exposure to UV light, the pack glows electric blue.

“CCL Decorative Sleeves have done a brilliant job,” comments Antony Harrison of In2 Rehab Brands, who developed WhiteWater. “We needed to create a pack that reflected the values of our brand and conveyed it’s 24-hour nature. The glow-in-the-dark effect works fantastically well and creates a great buzz among party-goers.”

In2 Rehab has plans to further develop the WhiteWater range, with additional varieties being introduced.

“When it comes to pack decoration, we will look no further than CCL,” concludes Antony. “We have been really impressed with what they have delivered for us so far.”


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