The preform heating section (tunnel) is integrated with the stretch blow-molding section (blowing wheel) in a single, very compact module, which can be installed even in small bottling lines. The tunnel features a horizontal preform feeder chain and an optimized ventilation and aeration system. Moreover, the infrared lamp units responsible for heating the preforms in transit are equipped with a system of thermo-reflective panels made of a highly energy-efficient composite material, and are situated both in front of and behind the lamps. This technically advanced solution ensures excellent reflection of the heat generated by the IR lamps and consequently ensures a more uniform distribution of the heat over the entire surface of the preform; the inside of the tunnel is also equipped with an aluminium diffuser to provide optimal temperature control and prevent overheating problems.

The structure that contains the tunnel and the blowing-wheel is equipped with safety doors that are slightly rounded, providing more space inside the machine to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks easily and safely.

The stretch-blowing wheel is equipped with motorized stretch rods controlled by electronic drives and do not require mechanical cams; this innovative solution ensures precise control of the stretch rod’s travel and position, as well as significant energy savings. This technology makes it possible to change the stretching speed without mechanical intervention (switching cams) and greatly reduces the vibration stress on the blowing wheel compared to traditional solutions.

The stretch-blow molding system uses high-performance, low dead-volume valves that reduce pre-blowing and blowing times, thereby improving the machine efficiency and the quality of the bottles produced.

The mechanical assembly of the mold is equipped with its own motorization, which ensures the utmost precision for the up/down motion of the mold bottom and the opening/closing of the mold-holder unit; the integration of this innovative solution with the electronic stretch rod system effectively makes SMI’s EBS K ERGON stretch-blow molders a “cam-free” system, with considerable advantages in terms of greater kinematic accuracy, less maintenance, less vibration, less noise and increased system longevity.

The system is controlled by the tested Motornet System® for automation and control, which ensures constant maintenance of optimum processing parameters throughout the entire production cycle and the direct modification of machine settings, thus simplifying format changeover operations.

The blowing pressure is automatically regulated according to bottle format, offering unquestionable advantages compared to the manual adjustment solutions employed on the linear blow-molders that SMI’s EBS K models compete with directly.• The new machine also comes standard with a single-stage air recovery system. The new EBS K ERGON rotary stretch-blow molders have a very attractive quality/price ratio and also provide savings on installation and start-up costs, as the com

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