A female wine entrepreneur is on a mission to launch her unique brand of premium, award-winning low sugar, low carb, vegan, 11% ABV prosecco and sparkling rose to the hospitality industry, to help facilitate healthier lifestyle choices.  

33-year-old Kath Jones is targeting high-end hospitality venues thanks to a rise in veganism, ketogenic lifestyles and more people cutting sugar from their diets. 

Her award-winning brand, ThinK Wine offers consumers a healthier alternative, without losing the taste or percentage volume. It has wowed judges in blind taste tests and won a host of awards.

ThinK Wine has just 75 calories and 0g carbs, 0g fat, with 0.58g of residual sugar per 125ml, while still retaining an ABV of 11%. The product contains no artificial sweeteners or ingredients. 

So far, Kath has been selling direct to customers and it is available in a small number of exclusive, independent hospitality venues. 

She wants to grow the trade side of her business after her own research found a gap in the market for a luxury brand like ThinK Wine. Customer feedback highlighted that consumers would love to see healthier alternatives on menus:

Kath says: “My customers want the same healthier choices they have at home, when they are out for dinner or on a night out. It’s a premium product so we’re hoping to target fine dining establishments, premium restaurants, luxury hotels and cocktail bars, initially.” 

“I know this concept is a winner,” Kath continues: 

“Done right, prosecco is a premium product; it doesn’t have to be filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners and sugar alternatives but cheaper prosecco uses lots of sugar to mask the quality of the grape. When you choose a premium quality grape, the natural flavour is all you need. 

For more information on becoming a ThinK Wine stockist visit https://www.thinkwinegroup.co.uk or email [email protected].