Adrian Fowler, the current managing director is the 14th generation of Fowlers to have run this cheesemaking business and is proud of both his family heritage and the present company.

He explains, “The family can trace its roots in cheesemaking back to 1670 although the present company was not formed until 1840. We believe that we are the oldest family-owned and run cheesemaking business to have been in continuous production in the UK. Today, we have around 180 acres with 170 cows.

“We recently changed our herd from pedigree Holsteins to Friesians and we now have a complete flying herd – that is we don’t hold any rearing stock, but instead receive quality cattle from a poolstock in Macclesfield. We graze a paddock system for as long as we can in the year. All our milk goes into cheese production.”

The company predominantly produces a Warwickshire cheese from a Derby recipe. The Warwickshire block range has a Cheddar scald and they use a Cheshire mill instead of a chipper. The Derby cheese is scalded at a slightly lower temperature than for Warwickshire block – hard cheeses can be scalded up to 50°C in contrast to a soft cheese which isn’t scalded at all.

Adrian says, “The Derby cheese recipe is used for the Warwickshire Truckle and we also make a Little Derby, which is a true Derby cheese but one that is made outside the county. We mature it as a traditional Derby cheese for 9 months. Today, we make many varieties of cheese – the Original Little Derby, Forest Blue, Warwickshire Truckle, Warwickshire Oak Smoked, Traditional Sage Derby and Original Sage Derby, plus we do Fowler’s Garlic and Parsley, Fowler’s Chilli Cheese and Warwickshire Onion & Chives. We also produce Homemade Cheddar style ranging from Mild to Extra Extra Mature!”

Fowler’s have limited lines regionally through Asda and also through the Co-op. Basically 40% goes to independent retailers, farm shops, pubs and clubs, 40% through distributors and wholesalers and 20% we process. They are also to be found every week at markets in Warwickshire, the West Midlands, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and even in London.

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