Digital food thermometer company ETI Ltd has been working with Celebrity Chef Nick Nairn to help home chefs cook their Christmas turkey to perfection.

By using the fast-response temperature probe of a Thermapen food thermometer they can know instantly (three seconds), whether the turkey breast meat is cooking too fast or the legs need a bit longer, and adjust the temperature accordingly – or use foil to cover the breast.

Celebrity TV chef Nick Nairn says, he routinely uses the Thermapen at his cookery school in Aberdeen: “Thermapen thermometers totally take the guesswork out of knowing when your Christmas turkey is ready.”

Nick adds, “The way to check is by inserting the Thermapen into the centre of the thickest part of the breast and also the thickest part of the thigh. Both should give a reading of 75˚C or above. Once the turkey hits the right temperature, take it out and leave the bird to rest, loosely covered with foil.”

The SuperFast Thermapen gives an accurate reading in less than three seconds and is available from

Retailing from £48, it makes a superb Christmas gift.