Award winning cultured probiotic kefir drinks. Our refreshing healthy Kefir drinks are made with Greek tradition! Using free-roaming Greek goats’ / Cows’ milk and Water, we lovingly ferment the milk /water with live kefir culture, resulting in a creamy, subtly tart drink with billions of probiotics per serving

Kefir is a more potent source of beneficial bacteria than yoghurt/supplements and contributes to a healthy gut and strong immune system. It also contains B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, phosphorus and easily digestible proteins.

One of the great things about kefir is that it is usually well tolerated by lactose intolerant people, because the microorganisms consume most of the lactose (sugar) in the milk during the fermentation process.

Kefir is far more powerful than taking a dried microbiotic and tastes better too! Kefir contains many different strains of live bacteria, thriving in their own environment. If you have been taking a powdered or pill-based microbiotic, you may stop – you will no longer need it!

Delicious on its own, in smoothies, or in any recipe calling for buttermilk, our kefirs are a new essential for any kitchen


Nothing artificial, all natural. Simply delicious and refreshing.


 Low lactose – easily digestible

 Suitable for all ages

 Dairy intolerant-friendly

 Live probiotic

 Billions of active bacteria

 Sugar- free – low calorie

 100% preservative-free

 100% natural ingredients


Available across the UK and Ireland from £1.99 – £3.19 for 300ml & 480ml.

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