Spitfire Heritage Distillers has followed the runaway launch of its single estate, small batch botanical gin with a vodka close to its heart – and born in Blighty. The artisan vodka at the heart of Spitfire Heritage Gin (gin is made from vodka) is, say its owners, so sublime it couldn’t be kept under wraps.  In a bold move the young company chose to launch Supermarine Vodka – just ten months after its highly acclaimed gin was introduced to the market. Even at 54% the vodka is so smooth it can be enjoyed neat, ideally from a frozen shot glass, (or over ice and with tonic if preferred).  Supermarine Vodka is named after the company that created the mighty WWII Spitfire – and Supermarine vodka is at the heart of Spitfire Heritage Gin. The gin’s ‘Rolls Royce Merlin engine’ one might say. Created by the same world award-winning master distiller John Walters in Cambridgeshire, Supermarine Vodka has a smooth, creamy finish with a slight vanilla hint.  No flavours or botanicals are added, this flavoursome vodka is a result of a beautifully crafted and highly specialised bespoke distilling process. Brand owner Ian Hewitt said:  “We are incredibly pleased with the finish of this vodka.  It is elegantly balanced and offers a delicate pallet while staying true to the roots of the best vodkas.  Yes it’s British and, yes, it holds its head up with the best of them.”


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