Supermarket chain Lidl has raised £1 million to support the NSPCC in its work to reach primary school children with crucial advice on how to stay safe from abuse.

The money will help fund the charity’s ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe’ programme which aims to visit every primary school across the country every three years.

Lidl has been the NSPCC’s corporate partner since April 2017 and is working hard to raise £3 million, which will enable the charity’s school service to reach one million children.

‘Speak Out. Stay Safe’ is designed to ensure young people know who to speak to about anything that upsets or worries them.

The assemblies are held for children aged 5-11, followed by a one-hour classroom workshop for years 5/6 (England and Wales) and P6/7 (Scotland and Northern Ireland). Assemblies can also be delivered bilingually in Wales.

As part of the partnership the NSPCC has worked with Lidl to produce a range of ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe’ branded cereals, to bring the benefits of children attending the service to homes across the country.

Lidl has also made a donation to the charity across a range of products throughout the calendar year including Favorina Easter eggs and end-of-term flowers for teachers.

Lidl employees have helped raise funds by taking part in different store events as well as participating in big NSPCC fundraising events like Messathon and the Gherkin Challenge.

Peter Wanless, NSPCC Chief Executive said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be recognising and celebrating this fantastic figure in partnership with Lidl.

“This is a major milestone on a journey together which aims to see us reach one million children and empower them with the message that they should speak out about anything that worries or upsets them.

“Everyone at the NSPCC joins me to say a huge thank you to Lidl employees and customers for their fantastic support in helping to keep children safe. We look forward to keep working with them in the future.”

Christian Härtnagel, CEO Lidl UK added: “We are delighted to have reached this first key milestone in our partnership with the NSPCC. I would like to thank our colleagues and customers across the country for their fantastic support of this very worthy cause. Here’s to the next £1 million!”