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London, 29th February 2024. Sprinkling a little magic and joy across the UK this Springtime, Lindt has unveiled a charming new advert to celebrate Easter and the iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY. Launching on 4th March, the advert will air across various television channels, video on demand and online until Easter Sunday.The arrival of the Lindt GOLD BUNNY, with its iconic gold foil, red ribbon, and bell, sparks a wave of magical excitement for Brits across the country each Easter, captured in a visual spectacle in this new TV advert. Creative agency Leo Burnett UK developed ‘Golden Trails’ for Lindt, and their Chief Creative Officer, Mark Elwood, comments about the advert: “The Lindt GOLD BUNNY is a proper Easter icon and we wanted to create a film that fully captured its magic. The new creative ‘Golden Trails’ does just that, as we see the excitement of gifting one through the eyes of a little boy. It’s a film with plenty of heart and charm which we hope will capture the nation’s imagination.”Over the past decade, the grand reveal of Christmas adverts has become a cultural phenomenon in the UK, evoking great excitement and nostalgia in the lead up to the festive season. Iconic worldwide, the Lindt GOLD BUNNY creates great anticipation of Easter and spring, a time of togetherness and joy. Whether it’s crafting Easter bonnets and baskets, organising egg hunts or families and friends coming together, everyone celebrates this festive season in their own way. According to Angèle Villet, Marketing Director at Lindt & Sprüngli UK: “Lindt new creative ‘Golden Trails’ brings to life the joy of connection with the Lindt GOLD BUNNY as the ultimate gift for all generations, making everyone’s Easter a bit more special.”The advert will air from March 4th until Easter Sunday across various television channels, video on demand and online, including ITV World, ITV Player, C4 World, All 4, Sky Media, Diversity Media, Discovery & Prime Video and YouTube. It will also feature during ITV’s Dancing on Ice Final and C4 Stand Up 2 Cancer: Celebrity Bake Off in March.

The history of Lindt GOLD BUNNYIt all began with a girl and a bunny …The story goes that one bright spring morning in March, the young daughter of a Lindt Master Chocolatier spotted a little bunny in her garden. She was utterly mesmerized and excitedly asked if she could go outside to play with the little animal. Her father agreed, but as she ran to the door, the bunny promptly vanished into the bushes with a flash of its fluffy tail. For days, the little girl was heartbroken by the bunny’s disappearance. Deeply touched by how upset his daughter was, the father came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to craft a bunny out of the finest milk chocolate, wrapped it in gold paper, and hung a little golden bell on a red ribbon around its neck so that his daughter would always be able to find it. The GOLD BUNNY was born.

The first Lindt GOLD BUNNY was created in 1952.
Thanks to Rodolphe Lindt and his conching machine, chocolate could be melted down until smooth enough to coat moulds of any shape, ready to create delightful hollow chocolate figures – like the silky smooth and indulgent Lindt GOLD BUNNY.  The Lindt GOLD BUNNY celebrated its 70th birthday in 2022, when over 130 million GOLD BUNNY were produced and sold across 70 countries worldwide.

At Lindt & Sprüngli, each chocolate creation is made with precise and loving care. The manufacturing process to bring a GOLD BUNNY to life takes about one hour. After a mould is covered with fine chocolate, our GOLD BUNNY is cooled at the optimum temperature to achieve the perfect sheen and crisp texture. Then, each GOLD BUNNY is carefully wrapped in our signature gold foil and polished. Finally, each GOLD BUNNY is lovingly hand-finished with a red ribbon and bell.

Spring has sprung some exciting new additions to the Lindt GOLD BUNNY collection this year:

Introducing NEW Lindt GOLD BUNNY Salted Caramel 100g (RRP £4.00). Made from one of the nation’s favourite flavours, Salted Caramel, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have excelled themselves, crafting smooth Milk chocolate with Salted Caramel pieces into this delicious new Lindt GOLD BUNNY.

NEW Lindt GOLD BUNNY Salted Caramel Easter Egg 195g (RRP £10.00) contains a mouth-watering smooth Milk chocolate egg and the NEW Lindt GOLD BUNNY Salted Caramel. The ideal gift for a Salted Caramel lover.

Crafted using the original GOLD BUNNY chocolate, NEW Lindt GOLD BUNNY Milk Chocolate Bar 120g (RRP £2.99) has also launched this Easter. This indulgent Milk Chocolate bar depicts a charming embossed Spring design of the nation’s favourite Easter bunny. It’s a dreamy seasonal treat for yourself or to share.

All available nationwide.

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