As consumers increasingly value health and taste when choosing their onboard snacks, BitesWeLove offers them a colourfully designed alternative for sugar-rich bars or salty instant soups. With their ‘delicious, nutty bites to brighten your day’ the nut mix brand positions itself right in the centre of todays healthy snacking movement.

It’s not surprising the quest for healthy snacking products is taking off in the air. Studies show that over 46% of (US) consumers are having over 3 snacks a day. 60% of them wanting their snacks to not only taste great, but also deliver on nutritional needs. And a whopping 90,6% of consumers state that they choose snacks based on tastes they enjoy.

Consumers today also love convenience, experience and sustainability. Making them more interested in quirky, healthy brands such as BitesWeLove, with a clear focus and identity. They offer delicious and healthy nut-based snacks wrapped in compostable packaging. The bright colours and playful design attract immediate attention. The brand doesn’t compromise on health or taste. Each bite is a mix of carefully selected ingredients and flavour combinations; there are sweet, savoury and natural varieties. Every 35 grams’ pack contains over 15 grams of nuts, has at least 2 nutritional benefits, and is always under 200kCal.

Research shows that daily consumption of a handful of nuts significantly reduces the risk of death due to cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease, and that replacing traditional snacks with nuts leads to a more nutrient rich diet. BitesWeLove taps into the demand for healthy snacks with their nut mixes and an optimistic proposition. Helping everyone to make a positive, healthy choice during travels, workdays, or at home. The timing is right, as the nuts & seeds, and dried fruit segment are expected to collectively account for 27.2% of the global market share of Healthy Snacks in 2025.

Come and visit the BitesWeLove team (and try out some snacks) at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) coming April. For more info, samples or inquiries, send and email to Marleen Basart at [email protected].

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