MV Food & Services was created in 2008 with the aim of serving the transportation industry with top quality food products. Initially, the long-term experience in providing the airline and hotel industry with one of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils through the sister company Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio has opened the market. After six years of successful operation, MV Food & Services has decided to enhance both quality and variety of its offer by innovating the current portfolio. Being known in the industry as a frozen snack and light meal provider, 2015 will be remembered as being the year of expansion and remodeling of the entire organization. Structured internally in order to serve perfectly its customers, MV Food & services has developed operational links with local food producers and processors that stand for top end quality, reliability and full traceability.

The central Italian region of Umbria being its natural home, MV Food & Services aims to transmit as much as possible the Mediterranean and southern European lifestyle through its products. Simple ingredients, enhanced by spices, herbs and obviously the Italian professional and traditional cooking are paramount. The collaboration with Michelin star Chefs adds a defined touch of class to the products. Quality is not only communicated by the final food product itself. MV Food & Services has invested in professionally trained and educated staff in order to make sure that all behind the scenes remain as such. Logistics, administration and customer care are a simple given and must flow as smoothly and reliably as possible. The customer’s needs are the main focus – just as it always should be.

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