The LX1000e Color Label Printer by Primera Technology is designed for applications that need extremely durable labels and is Primera’s entry-level label printer using pigment ink. It offers a number of features, including:

* Pigment ink. The pigments included in the ink formulation offer high durability and a great resistance against UV-light and water, all that being enhanced with the bonus of an excellent print quality delivered by Primera’s pigment ink.

* Low Cost Per Label. Large, separate ink tanks for cyan, magenta, yellow and black keep the cost per label low. In fact, LX1000e’s cost per label is among the lowest of all desktop colour inkjet printers currently available near its price.

* Fast Print Speeds of up to 101mm (4”) per second. While many desktop label printers boast of fast print speeds, most of those quoted print speeds are unusable for producing quality labels. LX1000e’s print speed of up to 101mm (4”) per second produces professional-looking labels without sacrificing print quality.

Typical applications are product labels for coffee, wine, confectionary, meat and hundreds of other specialty and gourmet foods as well as industrial applications such as box-end labels, safety and inventory labels and much more. Contact Details: Primera Technology Europe Mainzer Str. 131 65187 Wiesbaden Germany

Phone: +49 611 92777-0

Fax: +49 611 92777-50

Email: [email protected]


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