Leading glass packaging company, Croxsons, has produced a stunning bottle design for Ginscape™ sea buckthorn London dry gin, a new product from Danish company, Scape Spirits aps.
The complex decoration on the 700ml bottle includes a graduated spray coat on the front panel with a three colour screen print on top – the back panel was left clear to accommodate a label. In a bold and eye-catching design by UK based Creactive Graphics, the colours fully match the customer’s brief.
Hans Christian Kjaergaard-Hansen, who said; “Working with Croxsons has been a very professional and smooth process. Once we established that they could source and supply the 11,000 bottles needed for our first batch, the team took their time to ensure the print was absolutely right at sample stage, and following approval they went straight in to production. We wanted a transparent bottle that was different and would really stand out on shelf; it is safe to say that we are incredibly satisfied with the outcome of the finished product.”

Ginscape sea buckthorn London dry gin was privately launched at an exclusive gathering in Copenhagen on May 5th, while the public launch will take place at the Copenhagen Gin Festival at Politikens Hus, on May 19th.


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